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Thread: Why HG shut us down

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    Why HG shut us down

    Many of you who followed the updates on our facebook page already know most of the story of what had happened. For those who don't do facebook, someone filed a Copyright Infringement claim against the forum to HostGator who hosts our forum.

    The main problem was that their notice landed in my spam folder and we missed the 48 hour deadline to respond so they shut us down. We received no prior notice of this claim except for a PM that was sent to Fuego which he was asked to pass along to us a couple of days before HG imposed the restrictions.

    Ironically the staff was in the middle of discussing a new draft of the TOS that VW had composed and was getting ready to implement when the lights went out. Because of the missed deadline the case landed in the Legal Department and there was a certain protocol that had to be followed at that point which took time.

    We knew you would notice the changes we made when we came back up so we shared a small quote from the complaint so you would understand the changes and why we made them. Here was that post:

    When the forum reopens you will notice some changes that we made in order to comply with the charges filed against us. The main points were...and this is a direct quote from the document:

    "Copyright Content: A former administrator at my site created a site
    (forum) and duplicated my forum, my tagline, and is even using nearly
    word for word my TOS.... You can view the TOS they stole at..."

    We chose not to contest the charges as it would have just further delayed getting the forum back up so VW being the accomplished writer that he is came up with interesting and amusing word choices that you will see soon.

    Once again, thank you for your patience.

    But we're back now and all is well tho we will probably tweak the TOS and maybe a few other things in time so check on them periodically. Again, thank you for your patience and welcome back. :)

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