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Thread: Time To Buy A Truck

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    That really is a great color.
    Krys called it "burnt orange", really a good guess on the paint. Mopar has the reputation for naming colors with a certain flair. When I read it was called "Mango Tango" Pearl I grinned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    How does it sound? Does it have the "rumble"?

    My neighbor bought a new dodge pickup, had a special factory two tone paint job, the thing was a beauty and the first thing he did was chop off the catalytic converters and ran straight pipes. I never saw anyone do that with a brand new vehicle. The thing sounded great.
    This year had the single exhaust and will probably stay that way for now. Rumble is there, you just cant hide 407ft lbs of torque. It's a beast. Great for towing and hauling! Straight pipes sounds tempting! This has 3.92 gears so my struggle will be trying to save rubber on the rear tires.

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