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Thread: Do you still have a landline?

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    Yeah, that's how they market landlines these days. I remember landlines producing better sound but the speakers on cell phones may have improved since back then.
    My hunch is that it's not the speakers that are the problem, it's the way the service providers
    manage bandwidth during the calls.

    With a landline call, you have dedicated bandwidth for the duration of the call, even if their are
    gaps in the conversation.

    With a cellular call, bandwidth is dynamically allocated, even during the call.
    My impression is that the service providers are eager to relinquish the allocated
    bandwidth as soon as there's a gap in the conversation. When one of the parties
    begins to speak after a gap, there's a small lag in re-acquiring bandwidth.

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    I thought we had an older thread about did anyone else change their phone status other than me?

    LOL...apparently Romans and AJ are still waiting on their hubbys. :)

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    We got new flip phones in Sept. Our old ones were really old and almost useless. The new ones work great and we can still use our same pay as you go service.

    On a side note, we had trouble with our internet last month and the repair man said he saw no reason why faster service wouldn't work in our location. Mr C finally was able to convince sales of that so we now have faster internet for a very reasonable price. Internet is AT&T, cells are T Mobile.

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    FYI - tracfone now has unlimited plans. 20 bucks a month. You can shop and get a 10 dollar (or free) smart phone and get the unlimited plan for 20 bucks. You can also get a pretty decent talk/text/data plan for 15 bucks.

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