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Thread: just so u'll know....

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    just so u'll know....

    i c alot of stuff on here about televangelists both pro and con. having been 35 years plus in the christian radio/tv industry and running n certain circles i saw alot of stuff many of u here have not. some of it good but alot of it very bad. some of the stuff that went on would shock many of u who may or may not hold a televangelist near and dear 2 ur heart. i choose to ignore most of them just because i have been n certain circles and watched as corruption unfolded n front of me. i withdrew from those circles because of the chaos i saw. all i am saying is b careful who u follow for sometimes it ain't all as it seems...

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    I have a friend who spent some time being the banker for one group..

    oh the tales she had!

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    Hypocrites go to doesn't matter how many times they appear on TV or preach Jesus

    Shame I wasn't on those christian TV programs

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