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Thread: When did you come to the Lord and what prompted that decision?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindaeverchanging View Post
    I did not proof read so am saying sorry for the mistakes if any are there...
    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    Can you say 'paragraphs'?
    LOL...Fuego is usually pretty good about editing in paragraphs for folk, don't worry about it.

    Wonderful testimony Linda, paragraphs or not I've always loved your writing style, you're a very good writer and you help the reader visualize the details. :)

    BTW, since you mentioned Kathryn Kuhlman, did you know that we have two current threads going on her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
    I thought this thread was about when you came to the Lord and why? I must have missed something. (granted I haven't read the whole thread)

    I came to the Lord and the young age of 17. Because it was right, I knew that it was right, the truth, that I needed to be set free.
    LOL...yes, it is a thread about how we came to the Lord and why, its just that threads sometimes go a little off topic at times. ;)

    Most folk went into some detail, would you like to elaborate on it more? Did you do it on your own, at an altar call, were you raised in a church or in a certain denomination?

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    I remember being so afraid. Afraid of everything and everyone. I trusted no one.

    I did know that there was/is a God. I believed in God for as long as I remember. I saw evidence of Him in my mother's salvation and I had felt His Spirit in church services I had been in. But at this point in my life (25 years old with four children, an alcoholic husband, an addiction and the ever present FEAR tormenting me) I NEEDED Him.

    I remember praying, "I need you to come into my life. Please help me. I still want to do some of the things that your Bible says I shouldn't do so you'll have to change me if you don't want me to do them." Nothing happened at the time but for the next two weeks I read my bible and prayed.

    One morning about 5:00AM I was praying and all the sudden my ears started ringing and I felt this incredible heat pouring over the top of my head, and a bright light saturating me. I was overwhelmed by the glory of God. When this passed (I really have no idea how long it lasted) the ringing stopped and the light was normal again. I was speaking in tongues and my grey sweatshirt was soaked with tears. Literally soaked! I got up to go to the bathroom so I could look in the mirror. The wonder and awe I felt did show on my face. I just said, "Wow"...the wonder of what had happened was amazing.

    It took a good two months for this to 'wear off'. The issues I had were still there after the honeymoon was over but I had the Lord now.

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    The tithing posts have been into a thread of their own:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindaeverchanging View Post
    1979, my best friend stopped by to tell me she had a new best friend and his name is Jesus. I was divorced, had a 2 year old and a 9 month old. I thought she was a bit off her rocker. I was raised Catholic, Catholic school and eating fish on Fridays etc. I was 26. I had not ever heard anyone say their best friend was Jesus and had no idea of what she meant. A few years later I had met someone and got married. We lived across from the city park. Driving home from work one evening, I saw a movie screen set up and a lot of people waiting for a movie to start. I walked over and then made sure each night I went and watched movies about The Rapture and the series that went with it. I had not heard of this before and did not know what to really think about it, but it stuck. Now, going back in time....I was 5 and my gr aunt took me on vacation with her to the ocean, we drove to Walla Walla WA to see a relative. We spent the night and got up to go to church in the morning. I went to Sunday school and she went upstairs to adult church. I had not ever been to Sunday school and I am assuming they told about asking Jesus into your heart and I most likely prayed that child prayer. When we moved to Walla Walla a few years later, and I was a teenager, we drove by that church. The church is still there today in Milton-Freewater OR, about 10 miles from Walla Walla. The memory of going there hit me. Fast forward to the summer of 6th grade and a neighbor asked me to go to Vacation Bible School. That church is still there on that corner. I don't remember a lot but I do remember the bracelet we made that had little hanging circles we colored with green, red, white, black and one other color. I assume again I prayed that kid prayer of asking Jesus into my heart. I do not remember ever hearing about asking Jesus into your heart all those years in Catholic school. So fast forward to working and the movies at the park. One Saturday morning a husband and wife knocked on our door asking if we had children who would be interested in going to Sunday school on the bus. I knew it was where my best friend went to church so I knew it was ok for my 4 year old daughter to go. The bus picked her up each Sunday. At work in the parking lot, that same church AoG set up a tent to draw teenagers in on Friday and Saturday night as they were cruising on the street. After work I went out to see what it was about and met Toby Tobin, a youth pastor who was raised Catholic to. We talked about my life, and the second night he told me to get a Bible and read Job, which I did and did not understand it at all. My life continued on the being a huge mess list. I called and told my best friend about talking to him, of course she and her husband were really good friends with Toby and his wife. My bf asked me to go to a special church event and I said ok. When I got there she told me "you might hear people speaking in languages you don't know about and people raising their hands when they prayed. Ok, thanks and I did not close my eyes when they were praying and it was a good thing because I saw a guy I worked with there. After church I walked up to him and asked mr. party boy what he was doing at church. I found out his dad was a minister and he sometimes went to church. I wondered about that because I knew from talking to him what all he did. Not long after that we moved to Lawton OK. In the newspaper on Saturday they had one whole page that was religion, churches etc. I always read it. One Saturday there was a article about a speaker that was going to be at the AoG near me. I wanted to go and so I did. I took the kids and we went to church. Someone helped me get the kids to where their ages of classes were and then I went and sat down. Church started. The speaker was talking and he stopped suddenly "there is a lady here that is going through..... and you need to come up so we can pray for you". I froze. How did he know what was going on in my life? I sat there frozen in my seat. "It is ok, we can sit here and wait for you all day". I wondered how he knew my life and I did not want to cause everyone to sit there all day, so I stood up and then 2 other women stood up. We walked to the front and got in line. He put his hand on my head and started to pray for me and suddenly my body felt like I was a bowl of jello shaking and I started to fall down, I instantly locked my knees and stayed standing and he just kept praying. I had not idea of what was going on. In the next weeks I took the kids and started going to Mass. I went to talk to the priest about confession (the Catholic way). He told me that since I had never been married in the Catholic Church and was divorce and gotten married again "I can not forgive your sins". Now that struck me like a wake up call. I had started watching the 700 Club daily, as well as Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggert (before he was busted). I called for prayer all the time to the 700 Club and asked lots of questions to. So when the priest said that to me, it did not seem right at all. I had also started going to Charismatic prayer meetings on Wednesday nights at the Catholic Church and again, not really understanding but I kept going. We moved to Elk City OK. I went to CC 3 Sundays and it was like being in a empty room. Not one person said hi, it was just empty to me. I called the AoG and talked to them about what time church was and told them I did not have any dresses to wear to church. Maybe that is why no on talked to me at the CC, I was in jeans. :). They told me that I did not have to dress up at all. I knew since my bf went there to AoG it would be ok to start going there. One of the first people I met was a ex-nun who a few days later brought me papers about Catholics and told me all I had thought was true was indeed not true at all. She told me if I got defensive to put them down and read them in a few days. I did get defensive and did as she told me to do. When I read them again I saw what I was reading was true. All I had been taught growing up was not true at all. Also, I did not close my eyes while they prayed in church for weeks and I was at the alter for weeks asking Jesus for forgiveness and to be my Lord and Savior. It took me a while to get that part. I went to the young marrieds Sunday school and I was the only basically single gal there. I think the other women in there must of thought I was on the prowl for a man because they ignored me totally. I went to a dinner without my husband to and got the same frozen ice being ignored feeling, but I continued to the young married Sunday school. I wanted my husband to someday find the Lord and go with me and thought I could learn things I need to know. I met a few nice people there. I also started speaking in tongues in Elk City. So....we moved back to Walla Walla Wa. I took the kids and went to AoG there. Life was hard and contained things that were not good. But I was going to remain in church and take my kids. ( I just remembered something. When I was a senior in high school 1969/1970, I used to stay up and watch Johnny Carson, a habit I picked up. After Johnny was a show called the 700 Club with a two guys, Pat and Ben. After their half hour show was a show with a women called Kathryn Kullmen and I know I spelled her last name wrong. I watched those two shows a lot and did not understand it all). I took my kids and left, moved across the state and learned in the few churches we went to that a single mom with kids were not welcomed the same as a family or single man. I also saw that in the AoG's I went to. Oh well. Life for me was in such a mess and more, long story, but I did not give up going to church and continued watching the 700 Club where ever I lived. They were my life line and I could tell a lot of awesome things. Looking back on all of it now, I realize what having a mentor would of meant in my life to help me learn and grow instead of the struggle I had. My life was not so good with all that was in it and I hid behind a mask of smiling and all is ok when it wasn't. But, God did not leave me in all those years. I do believe that when I went to Sunday school as a child and prayed that simple prayer that Jesus did in fact come into me and my life and never left me despite that facts of my life and all that took place until I really understood and asked Him in again. He was there thought it all and was drawing me and drawing me in all those years in the places I was living at and in all that took place. There is so much more I could write, but....He is faithful to me and I am continually growing closer to Him and I am so thankful, just so thankful....
    Wonderful testimony. I enjoyed them all.

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    Hello everyone! ����

    Although my parents weren't church goers, or even saved, my grandmothers were both saved and active in their respective churches and took us kids to church often. Those were the days when most churches were more into preaching with almost no teaching whatsoever.

    So although I knew God existed, Jesus was His Son, and that He died for my sons, I had no idea how to be saved or get born again. There were no alter calls only invitations to join the church.

    So it wasn't until I earnestly began to seek the Lord by reading the Bible, and looking for a church. That took a long time because I didn't know how to go about it. Then one day while channel surfing, I "happened" upon Fred Price ministering, and something he said resonated with me, so I began watching him regularly.

    I learned a lot watching him teach each week, but still didn't know how to get saved until a friend invited me to her church (Word of Faith International Christian Center)...I visited, got born again on that visit, and I've been a part of the ministry ever since. That was around 1987, water baptized the following year, and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1991 with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I was in my 30's with much baggage. But God's grace covered it all! �� ��������
    When your praise match your prayers, the answer will come.

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    ...and we can add WebersHome's testimony which can be found here:

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    Q: When did you come to the Lord?
    A: Early May 1973

    Q: what prompted that decision?
    A: Being born again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunFromOz View Post
    Q: When did you come to the Lord?
    A: Early May 1973

    Q: what prompted that decision?
    A: Being born again.
    *the off topic discussion was split into a new thread here:

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    Well, I was raised in the Lutheran Church. At Summer camp one year, I felt the Holy spirit during music, and never forgot that experience. I often wondered why I only felt that presence in church during certain times, like Christmas, or Easter. Years later, when I was 18, I went to a Pentecostal church and experienced a big wave of the Holy Spirit's presence when I walked in the door. It was like a breath of fresh air!

    I wish I could tell you I gave my heart to the Lord then but it didn't happen. Actually, nobody invited me or told me I could! Years later, I was pregnant with my son and my life was a big mess. I turned on the TV and Billy Graham was on TV talking about having Peace with God. I didn't have any peace. AS I listened he explained we need to become born again. A few days before this, two Baptists had knocked on my door, asking me if I was born again. I made fun of them I am sorry to say. After the Billy Graham Crusade I prayed "Father I want to be born again, In the name of Jesus I receive salvation and give you my mind heart body and soul" see, I always believed in him but this was my commitment day my "make me born again" Day.

    I called the prayer line and received the book Peace with God. this was in 1986 and My whole life changed, I loved the bible I loved Christian music and all the things I did not love before. I was filled with and Baptized in the Holy Spirit a couple of years later. I became so on fire for God I testified to everyone around me everywhere I went! I could not shut up about My Jesus! My brother called me a religious Zealot so My first email address was and that is my email address till, to this day. By the way could you pray for him? His name is Dan! The Lord has done so many great things I have witnessed and experienced, that I could tell you stories and testimonies of what he has done day and night for days, weeks, and would never run out of testimonies! I"m serious! HE is so GOOD! Amen.
    When we stand before Jesus, he is not going to ask what everyone else told you to do....
    He is going to ask "what did I tell you to do?" Press on!

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