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Thread: Tell us about your username

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    I have been on the forum as Alone-4-God since the beginning. I chose that name because at the time, my husband was in church but not living right and I was on the mountain top on fire and running after God. We all have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling - we are alone in that walk. And at the time I felt I was the only one running after God. Thank God - about 8 years ago my husband wanted to quit church - drugs and alcohol had him in bondage. I said ok, but we find another church. Well he thought he would entertain me a few churches and quit - but God had a better plan. We went to our current church and in an instant God delivered him from alcoholism the drug deliverance came a few weeks later. He is now on fire for God - and has taken his position as the spiritual head of our house. Meghan is prayed for every morning and every night....I'm still Alone in my individual walk - but not in my family!

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    Billy is the nickname that my friends and family call me. Nothing really outstanding about it.....but it's a name my mom and dad chose for there's a special reason in itself..

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