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Thread: Gas prices in your area

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    Lol...thats gotta be a typo!
    It was.

    Gas prices in your area-aa5d4782-2c60-46d1-ab74-b476e15d92f7-jpg

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    Just over $8.54 here. I sold my SUV. I put fuel in the organization's van last week. A full tank was $160. We have regulated fuel prices in Israel but the taxes are about 45% of the price at the pump. When the price goes up the government gets more money. Makes you wonder if the prices will ever come back down.

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    Still at 4.14

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    Ours is about $4.89 for regular in SW Washington state. Ugh.
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    4.13 here.

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    4.09gal, dropped a nickel. Go Joe!!

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    Ours how gone down to $3.99 and below. Gas tax rescinded until May 31.

    Has anybody noticed that gas doesn't seem to fluctuate with oil prices any more as the go down? They just keep them up there.

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    We pay at the pump, they pay at the polls. November cometh.

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    $3.87-3.90 in the Tawases (Tawas City and East Tawas) (northeast lower peninsula of Michigan)
    $4.09 and up down state in southeast Michigan

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    3.72 in Omaha, NE last week. They were complaining about that.

    I'n back home and it's almost double that. They should be happy

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