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Thread: Gas prices in your area

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    The location of the gas station has more to do with cost than the few cents difference per gallon. Not because of the gas used to get there but rather because of the wear and tear on the car. In Norway prices vary much more which makes it a bit more interesting.

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    $1.73 Mustang, OK

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    Its been creeping back up, averaging around $2.25 in Metro Detroit.

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    It is creeping back up in Ok as well. It was up .13 last Fri. and had another jump on Sun. Don't remember the exact account.

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    ok....super funny. We have 4-5 gas stations near the interstate, and 3 of them had totally different prices last night. $1.89, $1.99, and $2.09. Whatcha wanna bet they'll all be over $2 this morning?

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    Thought I did well at 99.9 / l two days ago, today 95.9.

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    Not sure what happened but gas prices in Metro Detroit suddenly dropped 20 cents almost overnight. Prices are averaging about $1.99 a gallon but I filled up tonight for $1.79 using points on my Kroger card.

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    I no longer have to tell you my petrol prices ("gas" is a gas and I use it in my stove and BBQ) as you can look it up at As a generic postcode try 2000.
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