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Thread: Gas prices in your area

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    $1.17 OKC

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly sue View Post
    $1.17 OKC
    That's really good! Who knows, maybe we'll have some areas that will slip under a dollar.

    This color coded map shows the price ranges across the US, thankfully the Mid-West is among the lowest:

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    88 cents with my Kroger discount today. Here is a little tip. When they have 4 x fuel points for gifts cards like they are having now, we buy gifts cards for restaurants we would normally eat at. Today we bought $75 worth of gift cards, x 4, that is 300 points worth $.30 off in gas. We already had 40 points, so we had 70 points and got $.70 cents a gallon off today. Since gas was $1.58 we got it for $.88 cents a gallon. It was actually $13.25 total to begin with, but I stuffed in another 75 cents worth. :)

    Gas prices in your area-2016-02-28-18-15-47-jpg

    Gas prices in your area-2016-02-28-18-19-04-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    Since gas was $1.58 we got it for $.88 cents a gallon...
    Good deal!

    Two weeks ago I filled up at $1.45 a gallon and was hoping the prices would continue to go down but they've climbed up a bit and are averaging $1.65 now.

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    $1.55 in OKC, $1.59 in Mustang

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    Crept up again, averaging $1.89 in Metro Detroit.

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    I paid $2.08 on gas yesterday.

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    Its averaging around $1.85 in Metro Detroit.

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    $1.74 in Mustang, OK

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    Filled up at $1.69.

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