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Thread: What's the latest fast food you had?

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    Most recent ff was What A Burger. I had a Junior WB with mustard, pickle and onions. Good!

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    Had a Wendy's Double (with cheese), Fries and a Pink Lemonade last Thursday (after our Ladies Morning Bible Study)...

    First time in a long time - It was G-O-O-D!!!

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    Had some venison yesterday! Deer can be really fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly sue View Post
    I just saw case Lista still cares... It is similar to Taco Bell. I have really gotten to dislike most Mexican fast food this past year. My most likely to eat now is Taco Bueno. only took 3 1/2 years but you did reply!

    I'm not much into Mexican food, but there's a place nearby that has some great botanas that I'm partial to.

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    Okc has always had several really good locally owned Mexican restaurants, so I have eaten and loved it all my life.

    I knew this was an old thread, but I couldn't resist making a reply to Lista.

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    Today! Wendy's at Birch Run, had their Son of Baconator burger.

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