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Thread: Midnight watch-word for September

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    Midnight watch-word for September

    -I was putting on my magic kingdom glasses and the lights came on! I saw the future through September.

    You too will see clearly that God has not given up America to the aristocracy of the haughty elites - He is raising up a citizens army as a triumphant reserve. They will mobilize.Those who have been lifted up but who have not honored His purpose will be brought ...low.

    I saw the market adjusting after a few more quivering ups and downs...then I heard the Lord saying "It is enough" and stability was established.

    A remnant of people will still cry DOOM.
    Another remnant of people will cry, IT'S COMING SOON.
    A third company rises that has caught the interest of heaven. They lift up their voice with a BOOM! It is a most unusual company. They were unheard of voices in the previous times.

    These are the ones Satan fears.They refuse to yield their ground to the devil. They see this shaking as a shaking of carnal confidence that will give way to the kingdom. They know how to carry God's presence. They legislate heaven into earth by strong prayers and presence filled worship. They are the ENFORCERS of God's Words over America.

    The national mood will change because of them. Fear will yield to hope and hope to action and action of a certain type that will NOT give America over to the devil. They are his hindrance because they don't seek to escape - they seek to move toward the high gates of hell. They have a sword in one hand and a horn in the other. People rally together around them because the fearful will be seen as weak as the strong do exploits.

    They are the remnant guardians of the prophetic words over the nation.
    They are Killer Sheep.
    For the sake of their children they will fight.
    For the good destiny of the nation they will fight.
    For the honor of Jesus they will fight...and they will WIN because angels are advancing through the cracks in the wall that shaking has produced. Just a little push and you'll see walls come down. A fresh sanctified militancy fills the air as their shields are locked AS ONE. In the arena the crowd begins to say..."this is right and this is wrong."

    A period of ADVANCE will be openly displayed.

    America is not going down, it is not going up - it is going THROUGH to a new chapter it has never seen before.

    You will feel the anointing increase and divine appointments will mark your step and the Spirit of Elijah will come upon you to make you BOLD.

    Fear not little flock. It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. You'll see the kingdom advance more because of the anointing that is about to increase. It has already begun but September will be a good time because increase is coming to those so anointed.

    Can you sense the Spirit rising in you? I hear Him saying "do not fear what they fear. Fear only Me." They seem to be carrying the Spirit of Elijah. They will not back down.

    Can you sense this shift?

    AS ONE!

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