My Word Is Yes And Amen
My Word Is Yes And Amen | The Prophetic Whisper

"I have called forth a people in this day. I have anointed you in this hour. I have chosen you with purpose. The things that I have spoken in your heart in days, and yes, even years that are gone by are still yes and amen.

That is My word unto you. That is that which I desire of you. That is that which I long to make of you and to do within your heart and in your life.

Many have put those things aside and they have been placed upon a shelf. Go back in the way of remembrance. Lay hold upon those words again, for I spoke and that Word is yes and amen.

So, take that which I gave you even in the days past and act upon it. March forth in it. Believe for it to come to pass.

Many have said, 'but Lord, you spoke so long ago. It has been many years and I have not seen anything.' You have not been waiting on Me; I have been waiting on you.

Now, rise up. Shake yourself. Enter into all those good things that I have called you to and you will yet be blessed. Some will say, 'but even in my old age shall I yet be blessed?' Yes, even in this day you shall be blessed.

So, remember those things. Cast not aside that good Word that I invested in you even years ago. Act upon it and you will be amazed at what I will yet do," declares the Lord.