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Thread: Encourage Our Vets!

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    Encourage Our Vets!

    The Greatest Generation
    We were going through some of Dad's WWII stuff that he had in a trunk, and came across some "foxhole diaries," which were scribbled almost daily by pencil.

    I really started to get a little insight on the things he went through and, in those days, you didn't have the PTSD counseling and therapy you have today. It had an effect on him, and only in the last couple of years he as offered to talk about it. It has been good for him, as we all sat around him in awe of his bravery and sacrifice as a Pacific theatre jungle warfare sergeant.

    Here is an excerpt from his diary, after a beach landing on New Guinea:

    May 22, 1943
    Moved out to action across the Toro River at 11:50 AM. Rush inland 1 1/2 miles. Got fired on by sniper myself, also got shelled by Jap artillery. Killed a few of our soldiers real close to me. The Japs have shelled us quite a lot last two days.

    Two of our destroyers also shell Jap positions along the coast real heavy.

    Company A went into action on the 24th. Eddie C was killed. Robles wounded. Armando P wounded. Carlos P was MIA. The rest of the hometown guys are OK.

    Also last night the Jap bombers dropped plenty of bombs but no damage. At my CP (command post) headquarters snipers are numerous. Around here we are getting plenty of fire to keep us down.

    MAY 26
    Moving up the trail and up the coast, meeting quite heavy opposition from the Japs. The 2nd Company doing fine and advancing and the whole regiment is doing good.

    A war correspondent from the Press Association says that the fighting we are doing is worse than what the Marines had at Guadalcanal. More intense.

    MAY 27
    A Company was forced to retreat and later was relieved by B Company. Stop at our command post for coffee and then move across Toro River.

    MAY 29
    Sniper fired on Art and me. Kill one Jap 10 yards from command post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan david View Post
    ...and only in the last couple of years he has offered to talk about it.
    How cool to find those diaries. My Dad was in the Navy during WWII and while he had some scrapbooks with photos and signatures he would never really talk about it.

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    Ordinary men put into extraordinary pressures. Amazing how they had to cope and survive

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