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Thread: You better thank God Trump is president - Mario Murillo

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    You better thank God Trump is president - Mario Murillo

    -Today, as I prayed, a strange and unexpected phrase leapt into my spirit, "Trump is about to have his Winston Churchill moment." It stunned me because it seemed so inappropriate in the light of current events. This is no time for cheerleading or political grandstanding. We are in lockdown!

    Yes, we are in lockdown. Across America, store shelves are as empty as if we were a socialist nation. The empty streets are even eerier than the empty shelves. My hometown of San Francisco will close at midnight tonight and will not open again until April 7th. Citizens are ordered to shelter in place—which is just a frightening euphemism for martial law.

    Why should you thank God that Trump is President? How can I go so totally against the grain of political correctness in the face of a viral pandemic? When everyone is clamoring to say we need to stop fighting each other and come together against a common enemy, why would I write something as incendiary as being positive about Trump?

    Why? Because I believe something is about to come out of Trump that even his closest friends will find stunning. And, what is that? Let's start with the ingredients that will build toward the coming Churchill moment.

    He is a New Yorker. I have always loved New Yorkers. My favorite area to preach has always been New York. My preaching doesn't scare them there. The New York side of Trump is about to make an appearance. That thing that's in the water that makes the pizza so great, is also in Donald Trump. You want to get something done? Tell a New Yorker it's impossible.

    I am not talking about the reptilian Mayor De Blasio or the demonic Governor Cuomo. I am talking about New Yorkers from the former glory days.

    Trump is about to go 'New York' in a good way—the old way! He is going to suggest (read: demand) some radical action to get America back on its feet in the shortest amount of time.

    During WWII, Winston Churchill was hated by Parliament because he actually taunted them. Heck, he ridiculed them. London was bombed every night and Churchill went around behind the back of Parliament to get the things done that were necessary to stop Hitler and comfort the people of Great Britain...


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    Right on.

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    This is why I love Trump ....he doesn't respect biased reporters

    Trump blasts 'fearmongering' reporter for question about being 'scared' - WND

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal TT View Post
    This is why I love Trump ....he doesn't respect biased reporters

    Trump blasts 'fearmongering' reporter for question about being 'scared' - WND
    He kicks butt and takes names. Today he was in stride.

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    Too bad he has false teachers for "spiritual advisors"

    In the end we will see how they twist Trump into caving to liberalism.

    They've doing a pretty good job of controlling him now during this kung fu flu

    No matter how much you try to pray it away, God's Word says their will be a one world government and all nations would hate us for His Name's sake. Trump cannot stop what the Lord said is coming our way

    Not too many Christians would stand their ground and keep their faith if being threatened with death like the early church was

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