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Thread: GOP Presidential Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lista View Post
    But we're NOT a business. Can you imagine Trump trying to run negotiations between Israel and Iran?!
    Actually in many ways we are. We depend very heavily on the overall economy for our prosperity and that's all business.
    And, when political correctness tries to run the economy we lose jobs, prosperity, and the common sense to stand up for ourselves.

    Somebody needs to stand up for the best interests of our country and yes if Trump were negotiating with Iran the US and Israel would be doing joint air strikes on their nuclear facilities which is what NEEDS to be done... anything less than that is putting Israel and the US at risk of being hit by a nuke.

    Which is best? A preemptive strike to stop them from getting nukes, or getting hit by a nuke and seeing millions die?

    These are our only two choices and if you study islam you will have to acknowledge this conclusion at some point. There will be no peace until Jesus locks up satan and personally takes over management of this world, so we may as well arm ourselves so we can negotiate from a position of strength.

    Our current leaders are doing just the opposite. If the Iran deal is allowed to go thru, Iran will get over $100 billion immediately released to them which will make obama the largest support of terrorism in the world as we will be allowing the finances to got to Iran that will cause death and destruction to come to Israel and to the US.

    It's just a matter of time before we get hit again, hard.

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