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Thread: Trump v Biden Debate

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    Obama, Pelosi privately expressed concerns over Biden | CNN Politics

    "The end for Biden's candidacy feels clear, according to CNN interviews with dozens of people in touch with Obama and Pelosi"

    Until recently, not the most likely headline to be found on CNN.

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    Poll: 65% of Democratic voters want President Biden to withdraw from the race.

    As President Biden continues to face the fallout from his debate performance, 7 in 10 adults, including 65% of Democrats, say he should withdraw and allow his party to select a different nominee. There are growing misgivings about Biden's mental capability to be an effective president, and few adults think he can win in November.

    The survey – which was conducted July 11-15, mostly completed before the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump – finds that more people view Biden as honest than Trump. But Trump is more likely to be seen as capable of winning in November and better able to handle a crisis.

    Overall, 57% of adults say Trump should withdraw from the race and allow his party to name a replacement. But Trump is maintaining support from his party, with 73% of Republicans saying he should stay in the race.

    Biden is facing more resistance from his party, with only 35% of Democrats saying he should stay in the race.

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