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Thread: Must Watch: Rep Eli Crane excoriated the press

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    Must Watch: Rep Eli Crane excoriated the press

    Seriously, watch this. Only 3:47. Talking about Trump and the 'insurrection' to the press.

    You Don't Have The B—s To Write The Truth': Eli Crane Straight-Up Insults Reporters In Angry Tear

    Look, as it were, through a telescope that will bring it up near to you; look into hell, and hear them groan; then turn the glass upwards and look at heaven, and see the saints there, in their white robes, with their harps in their hands, and hear them sing the song of redeeming love; and ask yourself--Is it possible, that I should prevail with God to elevate the sinner there? Do this, and if you are not a wicked man, and a stranger to God, you will soon have as much of the spirit of prayer as your body can sustain. -Charles Finney 'The Spirit of Prayer' from 'Lectures On Revivals of Religion'

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    When I first saw that I was cheering.

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    He speaks truth. I'm so glad there are still people that aren't afraid to tell it like it is! The DemoKKKrats and Leftists is being exposed everyday. The Swamp is being drained.

    It's up to the Church to speak out more and set the stage for righteousness in Government. We dropped the ball in the 60's when that evil woman got prayer removed from public schools. Time to unite and get our country back on God's track!
    When your praise match your prayers, the answer will come.

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