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Thread: Great book shouldl knock "the bad science" out of you IMO; "The Genesis Account"

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    Great book shouldl knock "the bad science" out of you IMO; "The Genesis Account"

    Actually it's called "The Genesis Account A theological, historical and scientific commentry on Genesis 1-11" and it's by Jonathan D. Sarfati PhD, FM.

    Science is great but limited; limited to man's "current" knowledge and ability to understand. The first Christian book I read argued a point using a model of the atom from 1897 so my thoughts were "What does this bloke know" (God put me in my place); but the model of the atom has changed since then and has probably changed from what they tried to teach me at Uni in the early 70s.

    What we're talking here is operational science (also called observational science) because we have the things (atoms in this case) and we observe what they look like now and say things about them.

    But in year .... "science" said atoms are like .... and people believed them;
    years later in year .... "science" said atoms are actually like .... and people believed them;
    more years later in year .... "science" said we now think atoms are like .... and people still believed them;
    and when it changes again people will again believe them.

    Can you see the trend here? People believe what they're told even though they're now told something different from yesterday and know (or should realise) they'll be told something different tomorrow.

    And this is operational science, working in the now with what we've got and a lot of the time it's wrong. (I have rememberance of a quote from a pre WWII car owners manual. It was along the lines of "we believe we've reached the limit of automotive technology so keep this manual. It will be useful for a long time". Yeah that was right wasn't it!!).

    The other science is historical science, i.e we've a current situation, what is the history of the situation, how did we get to this point? The TV show CSI was about this, using the evidence we now have to determine what happened in the past; the show has some great quotes about evidence
    • Catherine Willows: Well, I've seen him on the stand. He manipulates evidence.
      Gil Grissom: He manipulates people. The public assumes that scientists are ethical, but many of us are no better than politicians, evidently.
    • Gil Grissom: Forget about your promotion Warrick, forget about making a hundred, forget about the husband, these things will only confuse you. Concentrate on what cannot lie: the evidence.
    • Gil Grissom: People lie, Professor. The only thing that we can count on is the evidence.
    • Gil Grissom: Your job, Warrick, is to process evidence. Objectively and without prejudice.

    It's secondary in CSI but other similar shows concentrate on the people who were there, i.e they look at the history, what was said about what happened. Evidence is good but it helps to have a witness.

    Operational science (which we get wrong) is easier than historical science. In OS we can continually look at and test and repeat things till we learn something then someone can test the results. With HS all we have is evidence that we have to interpret based on what we (think) we know, and if what we think we know is wrong ....!!!

    And so we get to the book ( We have the history (the book of Genesis) and we have the evidence (the world as it is now); do the two agree? In 700 pages Dr. Sarfati says "yes, yes and yes".

    Christians are funny people. Some are perfectly prepared to believe the first books of the NT with virgin births (well one), and God becoming man, and resurrections (well again one but people were raised from the dead, a scientific impossibility), and someone's blood washing away other's sins yet don't believe the first book of the OT which tells them the history behind why all these things are necessary, the very foundations of what they claim to believe.

    A great book using real science to show that Genesis is real history.

    Anyone else read it?

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    No, but I believe in an old earth.

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    LCash...where are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    No, but I believe in an old earth.
    Then maybe you should read the book, you might be amazed at how what God says in his word and what we can learn through the science He invented compliment each other.

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