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  1. Question

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    Did God Create Himself?
    They that come to Him, must believe that He is....

    Fear if the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.....

    Apart from the supernatural encounter of the Holy Spirit it is easy to see why many reject something so 'illogical'.
  2. The Michal Syndrome

    It is a primary goal of the Enemy to stifle all worship, and try and steer it to himself.

    Whenever people discover the great heights and depths of worship, sure enough, the spirit of Michal enters in and people criticize it. It seems many want to keep worship expression to the narrow confines of what they think worship should be.

    When I heard criticisms like the worship songs are "too long" (e.g., 15 minutes), repetitious, droning (whatever that means), that ...
  3. My facebook page

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    My Facebook page of me being me... I make inspirational covers and share Jesus with everyone there....And of course I create Betty Boops and just about anything else u would like to see, and the rest is just me acting silly as are some examples ...

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    King of the Forum-pizap-com150671497208413-jpg

    King of the Forum-pizap-com15021227761441-jpg

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  4. Judging Other Christians - A Dangerous Game

    Nowadays, there are many websites that seem focused on being "centers of true Christian theology." They have names that include the words "Berean, Truth, Error, Heresy, Discernment, etc." Not only do many of them offer what they purport to be true biblical doctrine, but other differing points of view are often met with disdain and disparagement.

    Other Christian perspectives are typically dismissed and demonized as "heretical" or "aberrant" ...

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  5. Grace to the Rescue! (the Mission God put on my heart and mind years ago)

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    Hi there. I've had a vision for years to reach the lost and hurting. God has used me in Evangelism many times and ...Well it's been a quest for years for me to be equipped to fulfill God's calling and mission upon my life. I have created a web page I have been attending Kingdom builders Academy and studying for many years now. this year is 30 years since I became Born Again and gave my heart life and soul to Jesus. back then I said "I give you my heart, soul, mind
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