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  1. My facebook page

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    My Facebook page of me being me... I make inspirational covers and share Jesus with everyone there....And of course I create Betty Boops and just about anything else u would like to see, and the rest is just me acting silly as are some examples ...

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  2. Judging Other Christians - A Dangerous Game

    Nowadays, there are many websites that seem focused on being "centers of true Christian theology." They have names that include the words "Berean, Truth, Error, Heresy, Discernment, etc." Not only do many of them offer what they purport to be true biblical doctrine, but other differing points of view are often met with disdain and disparagement.

    Other Christian perspectives are typically dismissed and demonized as "heretical" or "aberrant" ...

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  3. Grace to the Rescue! (the Mission God put on my heart and mind years ago)

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    Hi there. I've had a vision for years to reach the lost and hurting. God has used me in Evangelism many times and ...Well it's been a quest for years for me to be equipped to fulfill God's calling and mission upon my life. I have created a web page I have been attending Kingdom builders Academy and studying for many years now. this year is 30 years since I became Born Again and gave my heart life and soul to Jesus. back then I said "I give you my heart, soul, mind
  4. Christmas

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    I'm getting ready to get on a big plane during the night tonight to fly to Missouri to celebrate love and family. We will intentionally eat delightful food, give gifts to friends and family, read the bible story about the birth of Jesus and sing some songs. I suspect there will be a display of lights and a decorated thing that looks like a pine tree. Probably an electric train and a village scene too.
    I also plan to light lights on my Hanukkah menorah on Christmas eve. December 25th is
  5. Inspire the choir with Armour hot dogs......and beyond. The Grand Finale!

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Size:  43.3 KB Well, the music teaching job has come to an end. Here's what happened: A couple of weeks ago, the school did hire a certified Music teacher, so I was given notice the job was ending Dec 21. We had our Christmas concert! The Kids K to 3 did a "bucket band" and did an awesome Job! Choir sang "Silver Bells" along with some others......the middle school age did a terrific Job, choir did SING! WE have a school that's so into sports (you can't
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