Thank God for things like this: Millions Of Women Outraged As Essential Oils Businesses Deemed Non-Essential | The Babylon Bee

Came across this this morning: Coronavirus to cripple Cairns for years, tourism experts say

We're talking tourism here, and like entertainment (which includes all professional sport), it's not essential, it's not even necessary. Yes, people enjoy it. I've been to Cairns once. Saw a rain forest. Took some photos. But there are people out there doing essential stuff that are having it tough too, like farmers producing food. I don't see many stories about them.

What does it say that so much of the economy is so fragile?
What does it say that so much of the economy is actually non-essential?
What does it say that so many are more worried about non-essentials than essentials?
What does it say that people in non-essentials think they're so important that the government (read tax payers) should pay for their "business" to survive (if they were actually viable they wouldn't need help).