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Thread: Would You Attend a Re-Marriage Ceremony?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    > God blessed their marriage.

    well, maybe kinda, don't forget that their firstborn was lost because of Davids sin and I don't know if you've ever looked into the aftermath of Davids death but in case you haven't, one of the first things that happened was murder, step-kid problems I suppose.

    I think the OT model that I've actually see play out is Samson/Delilah, an unsanctioned marriage, Samson lost his vision and pulled the house down onto himself. Great exploits for the Lord but at a pretty significant price.
    (2 Samuel 12:10-14)

    Which raises new questions....did GOD tempt and provoke Absalom? Or did David's own actions INFLUENCE Absalom?
    Hard to say but it's hard to phantom that God would kill the baby, bless them with one to inherit the throne and lineage of Jesus and then predestine one to wreak havoc in his kingdom...

    The whol reaping and sowing thing, as I see it, is not GOD's hand raised but is literally something we set in motion by our choice...something that is not carved in stone by HIM but ultimately known and understood by His all knowing..

    I see the passage as more of a statement of fact than a directed punishment.

    Samson had a pattern if disobedience that ultimately got him to that we do have two differing situations. They have the similarity in that they both involve unsanctioned marriage but David's heart and Samson's were very different. With David we don't see a patter of testing and disobedience..

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    These aren't really new questions, this is just demonstration of the false notion that David got off scot-free and that his marriage was blessed, I'm pretty sure Davids widow Bathsheeba was a little distressed when her son murdered her other son after pops went away. This is fruit Quest, something we should be mindful of. We are told numerous times to mindful of fruit. It's not "new" revelation.

    David isn't a an NT model anyway, people use his life to spiritualize away NT morality, a misuse of scripture.

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