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Thread: The betrayer

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    The betrayer

    King David had a rather beautiful son named Absalom who thought highly of himself. Like all the sons of the king he was used to having servants attend to his every need. At one point he managed to steal the hearts of the men of Israel by flattery and set himself up as an adversary. There is a Psalm written by David that is mostly likely written with Absalom and his treachery in mind :

    Psalm 55:12
    For it is not an enemy who reproaches me,
    Then I could bear it;
    Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me,
    Then I could hide myself from him.
    But it is you, a man my equal,
    My companion and my familiar friend;
    We who had sweet fellowship together
    Walked in the house of God in the throng.

    Having a friend, a brother, a fellow warrior, turn against you is a matter of a true betrayal. If it had been an adversary then it would have been different. This was the situation with David and his son Absalom. It can be said to have been the situation with Jesus and Lucifer originally. Jesus was the Son of God, the light of creation and Lucifer was an archangel, perhaps the one with the highest authority among God's angels. Then Lucifer turned against his friend. This may have been Jesus' first thought about the one who had now become his irrevocable adversary.

    The flesh is an Absalom. It pretends to be our friend, it even pretends to be us. It seeks to kill the one in us who has been born of God and then declare itself our true "self". It is a betrayer. Since our new self is basically Christ living in us, it is also a betrayer towards Jesus. Acting according to the desires of the flesh in waging war against the one born according to the Spirit, is a matter of making oneself an Absalom. Jesus, our Lord, takes this very seriously. It is an act of betrayal and the nature that is behind the act(s) is always up to killing the one it is betraying. Do not let that nature betray you into thinking that you are just being "difficult". Do not be deceived. Know that when your actions have been completed, then you are Absalom, the betrayer. This applies to all us, to the degree that we would allow the flesh to take its natural course and govern our hearts until it has fulfilled its desire and its sins have produced death.

    Being a fellow warrior who was thinking about taking on a thousand with nothing more than a donkey's jawbone and the power of the Holy Spirit, doesn't make acting like Absalom any better. Jesus will simply take the act more seriously. To those who have been given much, much will be expected in return.

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