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Thread: The horrifying truth about MAID

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    The horrifying truth about MAID

    MAID = Medical Assistance in Dying

    This is truly horrifying... You really have to watch this.... a Jordan Peters interview.

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    These hospitals that operate MAIDS are death factories. They resemble a modern-day NAZI gas shower. These poor unfortunate people, veterans, the young and old are led like cattle to the slaughterhouse. The death technique used is suffering by drowning while paralyzed, unable to fight back, scream, or yell while they are being tormented.
    The death sentence inflicted by MAIDS is barbaric and beyond cruel. Men are getting eviler, inventing evil and new ways to murder as many people as they can.
    This report is heartbreaking. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Come quickly Lord Jesus.
    If you put God First, you have Him at Last.

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    The Hemlock Society just won't go away. Jack Kevorkian is long gone and doing eternity apart from God but his influence carries on.

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